Komikon 2014: Feels

Another Komikon 2014 has passed by.  There are Pinoy-titled comics I look forward to, and to add, some titles I buy during payday 🙂

Last Summer Komikon 2014,  there are some new titles I bought:

1. Tanod – It is the first time I’ve considered the cover..finally 🙂 Superb cover, awesome story. And by the way, it’s nice to see Manong Tanod as lead character.

Rate: 4/5

2. Mang Jose – Finally, may komiks na! The first issue looked promising. Hilarious first issue. Looking forward for the second, third, fourth and so on 🙂 P.S: I think Mang Jose can make a hip lolo 🙂

Rate: 4/5

3. Higantes –  I tried the first issue, and some of the questions are somewhat answered.  Revenge, Adventure, Family are such cool elements.

Rate: 4/5

4. Kanto Inc.  – Until now, I still enjoyed reading the first issue down to the latest.  I enjoyed reading the latest…at may surprise sa last page. Oops! Spoiler alert XD

Next comic reviews 🙂



Kanto Inc



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