Summer Komikon 2014: Unofficial Fangirl of the Day

Yesterday, I was able to be a fan girl – at least for a day.  Aside from that, I was so ecstatic because I was able buy another Ground Zero Comics. The first issue I got was too long ago, and yesterday, I was able to get the second and third issue 🙂

Ground Zero Comics (

Aside from Ground Zero, here are other stuff that I read:

  • Rodski Patotski, Ang Dalagang Baby – When Irish and me were scouting for good comic finds, we both came across this title. I was starstrucked that Sir Gerry Alanguilan and Mr. Arnold Arre was in the Hall. The comics on the other hand is a good combination of action and good laughs. Personally, I thought Rodski (the leading character) is a spoiled but unwanted character. As I flipped through the pages, I began appreciating her personality more especially Dindo (the feels!).  Basta, go read. I won’t spoil everything 🙂 Rate: 4.5
Rodski Patotski
  • Ground Zero – I began reading this when I was in high school. I stopped reading it because I wasn’t able to buy the next issue after that.  It was 2002 then. Because of Summer Komikon, I was able to grab the second and the third one. It still features Mystic Girl, Soul Tempest and the other story.  It made me feel nostalgic, and still looking for another issue. Sadly, the answer is still uncertain. Rate: 4.5
  • Higantes – From the creators of Zombinoy comes another comic series. And no, it’s not about Zombies this time around. The story basically revolves around brothers who accidentally discovered a ‘drink’ after a chase with other guys. The story kin of reminded me of Jack and the Beanstalk…with Pinoy twist. Rate: 4.5

(Second part of this blog, coming up next)



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