I Attended MozillaPH’s Social Media Series: Blogging 101

I’ve been a Mozilla user for years. All those times, I enjoy reading news, researching and utilizing internet using this browser. Fast forward, since my full-time work revolves around working online, I make sure that I use Mozilla to build links, use Facebook and Twitter to connect with my colleagues and also to online communities respectively.

shirerocks_mozillasummitMy goal of attending a Blogging/Social Media event came to life last February 8, 2014. Together with a friend, we were able to score slots at MozillaPH Social Media Series: Blogging 101.  For those hours spent at listening to blogger experts, I never thought that I can do more about my blog and the tools of the trade that I used such as:

  • WordPress (represent!)
  • Blogger (way way back)
  • Social Media (Hey, it’s part of the job) and
  • Blogging itself.

I used to think that WordPress and Blogger are just vehicles for bloggers to make a story for their audiences to follow. Now, I’ve learned that such platforms played a major role in shaping up the skills, knowledge and even the improvements of blogging. In addition, Speakers success in blogging are truly inspirational especially for bloggers who want to make a name for themselves, and use it for the greater good.

Speakers mentions of technical skills (coding, css, html, securing accounts), online marketing (use of facebook, twitter and blogging), blogging (tips for a successful blogging) are truly one-of-a-kind.  With the current job that I belong to, learning from speakers with such expertise gave me an inspiration to become a better blogger and social media marketer too.

I’m looking forward to attend for more events like this 🙂

For other MozillaPH events, feel free to follow them on Twitter: @MozillaPH


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