It’s been two months since I last posted. I’ll promise to keep this blog updated 🙂

By the way, I got an email from U Happy Events. 

Here it is: 

Current Events for July and August 2013!

We are set already to do 6 events this July and August so far. Still waiting to finalize more. We look forward to seeing you in action with the kids from 6 different organizations. To join, just show up on these events! :)   As a standard practice, we will be partnering you with kids for enriching and interactive activities for a minimal sponsor fee of Php 200. Students can sponsor for Php 150. Your sponsorship is your registration for it already includes your own ID, food, materials and gifts. Let them be part of your life, get your calendars marked for these:

July 6 at 2pm
We will be back to Bahay Maria for the fourth time since we started visiting them last year. They are located inside Bel-Air village in Makati. The guards will point you where. There will be 53 girls and 1 young boy that will join with us for a day of magic and energy filled games. That many kids needs more volunteers! Come and join us here.

Bahay Maria is a shelter for abandoned and surrendered young children from the poorest communities. It provides formal education for the children and teaches them to become God-loving, responsible children and model citizens.

July 7 at 1230pm.
Meet up at Jollibee Regalado corner Quirino Avenue fronting SM Fairview. This is a welcoming event to our volunteers that lives in the north of Manila. There will be a convoy as well to KnK Philippines center around 300 meters away from there. Join us for dance workshop! We will be reaching out to pre-teens and teens and improve on their dancing and stage presence. We will partner this with games as well.

Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (KNK) or “Children without Borders”
 works for children at risk, children in need of special protection specialized on intervention and diversion of children in conflict with the law. Guided by our vision “A world that cares for the total development of children”.

July 13 at 8am.
We will be going back to Mind Museum for the second time to bring 35 kids from Precious Children Heritage for a morning tour of the science and technology center. Our slot will be from 9-11am in the morning. We will be gathering first at Jollibee beside the center at 8am for getting to know you games and breakfast. Sponsor fee is at Php 900. This comes with tickets, food, gifts and other expenses for that day! Hope to see U!

Precious Heritage Children exists to provide the orphans, abandoned, neglected and tribal children in the Philippines with a loving environment and a nurturing place to call home for their protection, guidance and security. These children will be prepared for life in their community as valuable, contributing members who demonstrate strong Christian values. They also provide programs and services to address the need of the malnourished and unschooled children.

July 13 230pm.
One group will back to reach out to Shepherd of the Hills Children’s Home. They are located in the heart of Quezon City- 124 A. Luna Street, Lakandula Street, Project 4. We will send you the map if you message us. The concept will be equipping the teens and kids on healthy cooking and even juicing fruits and vegetables. Our society has been dominated by fast food, its time to share the benefits of healthy food. We will have games as well.

Shepherd of the Hills Children’s Foundation, Inc. (SOTH) is a christian child care and child development organization focusing on children and youth who are in need, abandoned, neglected, orphaned, dependent, and underprivileged. They also teach music and arts to the children.

July 14 9am. 
30 kids battling cancer together with their guardians from Philippine General Hospital (PGH) will be seeing marine and bird animals live for the first time. Join us in on our tour at Manila Ocean Park. It will include 4 sites: Oceanarium, Trails to Antarctica with Snow Village, Jellies (jellyfish aquarium) and Birds of Prey Kingdom (Aviary). Sponsor fee is at Php 900 as well. It includes tickets and food to the park for you, the guardian and your partner kid.

August 3 2pm.
Our first event on August will be all about Art Attack. We invited our mural artist in our past events to conduct an art lesson and expression workshop. This will be for kids of Tahanan ng Pagmamahal, Children’s Home, Inc. It is a home for orphaned, abused and abandoned kids ages 5-16 years. It is one of Bro. Bo Sanchez’ ministries. Join us and learn more about the wonders of Arts as well. This will be at 146 Saint Francis Street, Bgy. Oranbo, Pasig City.

See you and your friends for these events with kids. Invite friends right away because slots are limited. Contact us as well at+639178874278. Thank U! for volunteering with us. :)

Visit their Facebook and Twitter page for updates!

U! Happy Events Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/uhappyevents

U! Happy Events Twitter: https://twitter.com/uhappyevents


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