New Year and…?

Happy New Year!

2012 had been a great year for me. I mean, I was able to experience the best time of my life. It also paved way for me to meet other people beyond my circle of colleagues.

Year 2012 was also the year I got a chance to go to the most awesome events (that are truly worth visiting!) and made some improvements in my blog. Luckily, it gave me opportunities to interact with some readers (selected post lang 🙂 ) about some topics that are truly engaging.  I’m looking forward to more meaningful posts here and interactions with selected readers? haha.

Instead of the usual New Year’s resolution (because it’s too late writing it here), I decided to stick with my yearly resolutions and add other stuff such as:

1. Encourage myself to read Filipino books (a.k.a: Pinoy Book Challenge). Last 2012, I was able to read about 10 books written by Filipino authors! Hope to surpass the mark this year.

2. More indie comics review (a.k.a Indie Comic Challenge). It all started when I posted comic reviews about some titles. I got positive feedbacks from fellow readers. I’ll continue posting more this year 🙂

3. Focus on making a big step in terms of career. For about 4 years of working, I always thought that it is impossible to make your dreams possible without sacrificing a major aspect of yourself. Yup, I was one of those who came in and out of jobs, struggling for making a mark in the corporate ladder. I have my share of ups and downs also, but it didn’t stop me from going further. Well, I hope that my ‘real’ journey for career greatness is this year.

I really can’t mention everything because it’s not safe to post everything in here. Haha.

Tell me guys, do you also have challenges you want to win this 2013? Share it here!



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