Indie Comics Review 2/2

Warning: some of the titles might be seen previously.

In continuation of my previous entry, here are the new comics I was able to read on:

1. Indie  – For the first time ever, an indie comic for musicians! The comic basically is a compilation of musicians’ experience in their struggle to meet support from fellow Filipinos.  If you’re an indie music fan, this series is probably the best one for you! And if you happen to be in a band,  their experience (Bubblegoo,  Firetree, etc) might something that could amuse you in some way.  Honestly, the series reminds me of the hit Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Everything changed when I flipped through the pages.  There’s something that we could learn from this series: SUPPORT OPM! (naks!) **rate: 4/5**

2. Curtains for Hire – A series based from a struggling theater actor. If you’re in this similar situation, Curtains for Hire is a good recommendation. The series has a good combination of humor, action and drama.  The scenes are very much familiar to those who are into theater chops, but doesn’t have the family support to motivate. The characters are kinda cool as well. **rate: 4/5**

3. FUM (Filipino Utilized Manga) – The comics feature 3 stories (titles I was able to pick are: Nueve, RBC and Tell Yume).  It’s the first time I saw this comics. It also comes with a free comic too! The compilation reminds me of Culture Crash Comics with a Filipino twist of course. **rate: 3.75%**

4. Zombinoy (3rd issue folks!) – I may sound too bias (because of the theme), but the racial cleansing (whatever you call it) blows it.  It is too sensitive to tackle serious issues in just one sitting without offending anyone who’ll be offended. And this time around, reading this series will make you ask, ‘kelan ang susunod na issue?’. Overall, once again I enjoyed reading Zombinoy. It makes you feel like you’re watching a movie without going to a cinema.  Trivia: some news outlets just gave awesome feedback to the series.


Part 2 comes next 🙂




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