Unofficial Day of Fangirl-ism: Winter Komikon 2012

Komikon-related collectibles…errr….Not all.

It was a fun-filled day at Winter Komikon 2012. It is officially the day where you became someone you’ll never thought you’ve become.

If you’re a huge fan of Marvel, DC, Vertigo and independent comics, you’ll find yourselves enjoying the massive comics.  October 27th also became a day where you can have your favorite Pinoy comics signed by your favorite artist/s.

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Before anything else, I’d like to say that the recently concluded Komikon was enjoyable. And it’s not just about the latest Happy Camping collective I’ve done; but also because of one booth that might change your life… Presenting: Flirt (and it’s not what you think). Flirt by the way, is a new card game where the elements of love is involved. I tried the game, but didn’t win because…it was a card game. haha.

The interesting part was you can get a free pin once you sign up and ready for a card challenge. If you have any love or relationship problems,  you can visit Dr. Flirt (he’s a professional relationship counselor according to them). Other items like comics and keychains were also available by the way.

Well, aside from pins free, there were also free preview comics like Dark Reflections and Mang Jose (from Parokya Ni Edgar’s Mang Jose). In addition, Flipreads also set up a kiosk for free Kubori Kikiam comics too! I got mine and it was sent by the way via email.  How was I able to acquire an ebook? I just went Flipreads booth and have it loaded via Android tablet 🙂

Unluckily, I wasn’t able to catch Kamikazee’s performance (I left early) and took more pictures! Darn! Anyway, it was a fun-filled day and my fangirl side have unveiled.

Comics will be posted in the next entry! Byeee!



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