DIM 2012: I Did It, Hooray!

It was a rainy Saturday morning when Digital Influencers Marketing Summit 2012 started. By that time, I was rushing from home to SM Moa then walked to the venue (SMX Convention Center) and viola! In time for registration.

Digital Influencers Marketing Summit 2012 official identification and shirt 🙂

Anyway, the event started with an introduction. Mind you, it’s not just ‘Hi, my name is xxx and I’m blah blah blah…’ All of the participants are game to have their most creative and intros. From that start, I’ve realized that the day should be spent wisely as a lot of networking opportunities and discussions would take place.

From one of the pics I stored. My first attempt for a good shot wasn’t that successful enough. From the first topic open floor discussion.

The first session was the introduction of Top Emerging Influential Bloggers. Basically, it was all about the growing trends of top contenders for influential bloggers according to year published. Among the popular ones I’ve recalled are: PinayThrillseeker (with an inspiring story, by the way), When In Manila, The Urban Walker, Unsugarcoated Reviews, Life After Breakfast and a lot more. Soon after the backgrounder of Top Emerging Influential Bloggers, came the Hitting Page 1: How Influencers and Brand Advocates are Shaping Search Engine Results, with Mr.. Gary Viray and Mr. Tof Salcedo as resource speakers.

After the discussion, the recently passed Cybercrime Law and Data Privacy Law was discussed next. Topic’s resource speaker is Atty. Jj Disini. Since the program started late, the topic still preceded and participants blasted questions as to how to protect themselves from getting liable from these said laws. Questions asked  by participants are usually in two or more, but still Atty. Disini was able to address their concerns thoroughly.

From one of the open forums (in no particular order)
One of the speakers, discussing something about The Influencer Transformation

In the afternoon, series of pitches were openly discussed. Their advocacies were truly something that we all should take a look and probably join their causes in the long run. And also, afternoon topics were interesting to learn. Such topics include Influencer Transformation and Brand Love (I didn’t have a good photo to attest).

By the way, Granton World, one of the event’s sponsor was able to share some good news to the audience. And awarding ceremonies for the Top Emerging Influencial Bloggers followed. Winners by the way were given opportunity to speak about their blog and bits of info about themselves.

Yay! I got this coupon from Granton World booth at DIM2012

To wrap this entry: to the organizers of DIM2012, congratulations for a job well done. Hopefully, more Digital Influencers Marketing Summit in the next years to come. Thank you for the day and good memories with newfound acquaintances too 🙂



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