Google Classroom finally Making its Way in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines – Wide-Out Workforces Inc. in recent years has shown the best quality services that they have to offer.

That’s not all..

Recently, Wide Out Workforces Inc, in partnership with Google brings Google Classroom, a five day extensive day seminar which will take place this September 24-28, 2012 (venue: tba).

The said event will be open for practitioners which will draw significance in the role of Google AdWords and Analytics in Digital Advertising field. Also, this event will give thorough, extensive topic coverage, and best practices that Google has to offer in digital advertising age.

Since Google Classroom aims to bring the latest best practices in Google Adwords and AdSense, following topics will be covered:

Google AdWords (2 days)

1. Introduction to Online Advertising and Google AdWords

2. Understanding Online Statistics

3. Developing Quality Keyword Lists

4. Tracking Ad Performance

5. Advertising in a Down Economy

6. Keyword List Optimization

7. How to use AdWords Editor

8. Understanding ROI (Return Of Investment)

Google Analytics (Span of 3 days)

1. Getting started with Google Analytics

2. Understanding Traffic Sources, Content, Visitors, Goals and E-commerce, Actionable sights and the Big Picture

3. Best Practices: Clean Data

4. Analytics Intelligence

5. Advanced Segments

6. Best Practices: Advertising and Marketing

7. Best Practices: Engagement and Conversion

8. Sharing with the Organization

9. How Google Analytics Work

10. Google Analytics Code

11. Administration

12. Measuring Conversion, Traffic, Content and Visitors

13. Managing Cookies and Tracking

14. Extracting Data

This event will be a suitable venue for digital advertisers, digital marketing strategists and consultants in learning the breakthroughs of Google products.

For information and details, head on to:
or drop a line here.



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