The Dictator: No-Holds Barred Comedy

Last friday, former colleagues and yours truly decided to watch The Dictator, a movie starring Anna Farris, Sacha Baron Cohen with the special cameo of Megan Fox herself.

Basically, the story is all about a dictator from the made-up Republic of Wadiya. Mr. Cohen portrayed the character of General Aladeen, the childish and anti-western character. The setting was really grandiose. Typically, we perceived dictators as powerful, selfish and creepy. The characterization in the movie shown the other side of them, making General Aladeen easily relateable to bachelors perhaps?

Anna Farris, on the other hand plays Zoe, the love interest of Cohen (in the movie). For some, Anna Farris might be a familiar sight from the usual comedy flicks, playing a hot mess character. Their team-up for the movie is very much commended. Theirs was a hilarious, hot mess and probably bolder from the usual comedy formula flicks we’ve watched over the years.

Overall, the movie was hilarious. If you’re unfamiliar with Sacha Baron Cohen’s satirical nature of comedy, I suggest that you have to watch Borat or Bruno before jumping in this one.

** Rate: 3.75/5


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