Indie Comics Review 1/2


Previously, I posted some titles of indie comics I bought at Indieket. Now, let’s proceed with the short reviews shall we? 🙂

1. Kanto Inc.  –  Among the series I bought from Indieket, it’s been one of my favorites so far. The comic series is cool and the characters as well. I can’t wait to have another one. Basically, the series is all about a newly employed girl working at a call center. The unexpected twist of events happened when she was expelled at the company she’s working. Luckily, all’s been in her favor when she was accepted as computer tutor to quirky Isaac.  **Rate: 4/5

2. Crime Fighting Call Center Agents –  Unluckily, I wasn’t able to catch the first issue because I came late. Since. I’m all intrigued by the title (cover comics looked promising), I just bought the second issue and buy the first issue by next time.  Honestly, what I liked about the series is that it’s different from the rest I’ve bought. Plus the fact that call center agents are the stars, that’s definitely something to look forward too. For now, I cannot rate it because of the reason that I haven’t had the first one. Gomen!

3. Pasig – I’m a fan of Culture Crash. For years now, I’ve been looking for their popularized series (and even the CCCom itself). I was fanatically reunited with the series when I bought again Pasig last summer Komikon. The series now is different – from the drawing style to storyline. But its impact to me as a fan is beyond incomparable.  For more information about the series, you can browse the story online. **Rate: 4/5

4. Zombinoy – Zombie Apocalypse is such a timely matter. Did you know that CDC has a campaign for such occurence? If you’re a fan of Shaun of the Dead or The Walking Dead, this series is definitely for you. With all honesty, I was doubtful at first. But after I bought the first issue, this became my favorite. Zombinoy is indeed for Zombie actions with a pinoy twist. The fact that there are current issues in the series make it more interesting. **Rate: 4/5

More reviews in the next post.

Good night!

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