Indieket 2012 Experience

It is my first time to attend the Indieket 2012, an event dedicated for independent comic artists to sell their comics. So if you’re a big fan of indies and main Pinoy comics such as Pasig, Sulyap, Pugad Baboy, Zombinoy, School Run, or just pinoy indie comics, this event should definitely be on your list.

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Since last Summer Komikon wasn’t my luck, I tried looking for new indie comics to read *review raves later :)*. I was able to roam around and see promising indies. Since the stocks are limited, the next komikons or indiekets, attending the event earlier is truly the best deal here.

By the way, here are the titles that I bought earlier:

  • Zombinoy #2 (I have the first issue. Yay!)
  • Crime Fighting Call Center Agents issue 2 (Issue 1 is out of stock)
  • Pugad Baboy comics Book one – It is an honor to finally have Sir Pol Medina sign my copy. I was able to follow some of the strips from PDI, by the way.
  • Pasig – If you’re a fan of Culture Crash comics, this series shouldn’t be a miss out. Plus the fact that you get a chance to have a chat with Taga-Ilog and ask for the comeback of Culture Crash comics.
  • The Days After the 13th – the series looks promising. I’ll take the comic into reading and come up with a review later.
  • Seven Souls – Inspired by Trese, the series looked good as well. As mentioned above, I’ll take the comic into reading and come up with a review later.
  • Tabak the Alamat
  • Kanto Inc
  • Mukat
  • Kubori Kikiam

Overall, my indieket experience is truly worth it. I got the chance to meet comic artists and comic enthusiasts as well.  To quote one of the indie comics sign located in one of the booths:  Buy a comics. Win a friend

Comic reviews on next post, coming up!





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