Awesome iBlog8 (Day 1)

Today was my first ever iBlog summit attendance.

The iBlog 8 (#iBlog 8) summit is an annual event for bloggers, social media practitioners, and digital marketers to gather and share the best practices and tricks of the trades too. The event was not limited for blogging itself; but also a venue for social media, advocacy, etiquettes and standards, monetary opportunities and marketing venues respectively.

Speakers from various specialties were present. Their industry insights ranging from SEO (on-site optimization),  identifying niche (applicable for those bloggers who weren’t able to point their blogs just yet), social media activation, monetary opportunities in blogging, and relevance of social media in driving awareness in social advocacies are truly worth listening for.

For a first timer attendee, I must say that the event is perfect for bloggers who haven’t had the chance to tap their hobby into something with purpose and can drive interaction in the long run. Overall, to sum up the first day, blogging is not just something about you write what you feel to express. Given the right vehicle and responsibility, blogging could be an opportunity to help society for change and likewise be a venue for interaction as well.

In summary, the formula (as a summary that I could think of) : Purpose + Relevant Content = Relevant Blog Traffic (and in the long run, monetary opportunities).

See you in the next iBlog summit!



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