21 Jump Street: Define Badass Comedy

21 Jump Street is actually the reboot of the 1980’s TV series of the same name. The series paved for the popularity of Johnny Depp, Holly Robinson Peete and the rest.

Some of you might thought that the 2012 reboot franchise was just a so-so. Uhm, you should think twice. The movie itself was hilarious itself. The unexpected tandem of Channing Tatum (who by the way was a first timer in comedy) and Jonah Hill was a knockout.

I swear that it’s my first time to witness fellow cinema goers to laugh their hearts out over the crazy funny one liners. Remember the Korean Jesus scenes? Or Johnny Depp cameo? (Oopsie!) Channing Tatum could indeed pull out the funny bone in him. He wasn’t the trying-hard funny guy in this.

The cussing dialogues doesn’t hurt the film. The added element of the high school setup makes it more interesting. Overall, the film is a must watch for everyone. Swear.



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