Travel Destinations


Let’s face it: everyone has their travel destination. Whether it maybe a local destination or an international, we all have a list in our head on places to visit (given an opportunity to do this).

And here’s mine:

1. Slovakia – For some reasons, I find the place interesting. Period.

2. Budapest, Hungary – The Amazing Race Asia season 2 had a feature about the place. The place looks like medieval infrastructures meets the modern structures. Pretty awesome. P.S: I wanna experience the real Oktoberfest though.

3. Shibuya District and Tokyo Tower, Japan – I always watch animes and some of the J-dramas series I’ve watched featured Tokyo Tower. On the other hand, Shibuya district is a known place in Japan. Think about the cute and cosplay-ish fashion statements. So, everyday cosplay is much fun, right?

4. Midway Island –  The place looks spectacular and promising. I just saw a review online and I think the place is something worth visiting.

5. Russia – Ever since I saw the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, I included the place as my dream destination.

Any other thoughts on your dream travel destination? Leave your comments below 🙂


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