I Miss 90s

Now that I’m 24, I still can’t help but reminisce the 90s because that’s my era and probably the priceless experience that I could ever think of yet. That’s aside of course from the music 🙂

During the 90s, we’ve all adored Boy Bands and Girl Bands. Also, successful TV shows were pretty evident as well. Hey, I also forgot that cartoons and japanese cartoons were the cool thing as well.

By the way, here are other reasons why I love 90s:

1.  90s was the decade where you can enjoy the simplest luxury of childhood. You can play hide and seek and became a brat (it’s you versus the folks when you watched a television!).

2. Boybands and Girlbands were the in thing in music. Take it from the Backstreet Boys to N’Sync to New Kids on the Block and Spice Girls.

3.  I miss watching Wish Bone, Are you Afraid of the Dark, Power Rangers, Bioman, Masked Rider, Clueless and Shaolin Kid as well.

4. During the 90s, toys were not as complicated as now. I remember one time where I had a play-doh and played with my sisters. You can have as much toys as you want and enjoy it.

Honestly, I can’t comprehend as to why kids are so much into acting like an adult and stuff. In the first place, there’s nothing wrong about childhood. Just enjoy your years ’cause sooner or later, you’ll have to face world and deal with that.



2 thoughts on “I Miss 90s

  1. Oh my God. That was so like my post. As in oh my God. Ahahaha! But kidding aside, what makes the 90’s cool is that it was the transition from playing catch, running around, hide and seek to Computers, computers and more importantly… Computers. I’m proud to say that I was able to enjoy my childhood during that era. 🙂

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