Why Not Realistic?

Optimism could bring the best in us. Being positive all about things could either become far fetched or just become far from truth. For all these years, I thought I was a person positive all things about life. But things have changes after I stepped out of academe and begin working.

They say I’m too hard on myself; and that I’m not the positive person that I could think of. What’s wrong if you’re just being realistic about life? Of course, there’s nothing, right?

Now, the only say I could have for the moment is that Realistic ideals is just around the corner. If you allow yourself to be positive, then it’s fine. But allowing that positive energy to overwhelm you, then I think that there’s something wrong.  Being realistic about anything means that you’re fully aware of what’s going on – that everything is not made up of cotton candies, castles and fairy tales.  Realistic mind set is also a way of saying, ‘I’m ready to face the world. If I win, good and if I lose, then it’s fine.’

Honestly, there’s a lot to say about this stuff and I don’t want to offend others. But in the end, it’s all about you dealing with the ways of world.



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