What About SEO Copywriter

I’ve been working as SEO Copywriter for technically four years in a row. And I have not regretted every single day of writing blog entries, link building, social media and then, writing web contents.

Initially, I had the impression that SEO Copywriter is someone who writes. That’s minus of course the SEO side, fyi. And for you to become a good one, you have to be always familiar with google (Codename: Friendship with Google). Google Updates are really tough, especially if you know that you work hard in your write-ups. At first, I kept on thinking that Google Panda Updates are just W-T-F considering I haven’t had any first hand experience with actual SEO.

Things now have changed. And for you to keep up with SEO Copywriting, it also takes to know industry news and good practice with SEO too. In short, a combination of knockout writing skills and SEO too.

See ya later!


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