Lumpiang Shanghai Experience

I’ve always been a fan of foods. It’s pretty evident in my previous entries that I love to explore and share food experiences with a budget.

This time, I’d like to share to you this snack. I dunno how my cravings for it started. Maybe when I was a kid then. Lumpiang Shanghai (name of the snack) was one of those popular junk foods then. Back in a day, it was a comfort food to fill our little tummy. The lumpia-like appearance is awesome. To add, it’s cheese flavored and for an incredibly cheap price, you can have it for as low as 50 centavos (age! age!).

Unfortunately, this now costs 1 pesos per piece. But you can still grab it at a nearest market that sells junk foods or any puregold outlets.



3 thoughts on “Lumpiang Shanghai Experience

  1. I love that Snack! I miss the times when I crave for junks in the middle of the night then I will go outside just to buy some. It seems like the snack is telling you, “I’mma kill yo’ Kidney!”

  2. haha.. I remember that I bought 5 packs then when I am on my 5th pack, I didn’t notice that there are a lot of red ants inside… [ouch]

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