Under 100 Meal: Crispy Chikinini

Another under 100 mealThis time, it’s from Hungry One. This newly food house is located at the Dela Rosa Park, Makati City.  You can choose from Pork Liempo, Pork Sisig, Isaw, Roasted Chicken (69 pesos meal). There’s also the fried chicken and crispy chikinini (chicken neck) for 39 pesos too.

As for a first timer, I tried Rice (12 pesos) and Crispy Chikinini (39 pesos). For someone who’s under a tight budget, I think it’s a good choice. The crispy chikinini was fine. You can still enjoy eating chicken’s neck with the rice. You can choose from Tempura or Chili oil as sauce too.

By the way, the 69 value meal includes a slice of tomato and red egg. Their meats and chickens are Monterey brand. So don’t worry about it.



One thought on “Under 100 Meal: Crispy Chikinini

  1. Where can I find this so-called “Hungry One”? I wanna try that as well! 🙂 You made me hungry just by looking at that! :))

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