Meals Under Budget: Hole in the Wall (Dela Rosa Carpark, 2nd floor)

I love cheap foods in Makati. Before, I used to perceived that foods sold in Makati is expensive and usually monopolized by Jollibee, McDonalds, Mini Stop, 7-Eleven, KFC, Wendys and a lot more.  But now, I can see a lot of jalijips and hole in the wall value meals at every streets of Makati.

And here’s another one: A carinderia at the Dela Rosa Carpark (going to Greenbelt 3). This carinderia is located at the second floor of carpark.  If you have a budget of at leat 85 pesos, you can have a viand a generous amount of rice and softdrinks too.  By the way, sisig with egg was definitely a knock-out. Swear. There are also other viands available (Adobo, Caldereta, Menudo, Sinigang). Most of their meals are homecooked and definitely, you can have your extra rice 🙂

If in case you have your lunch there, try I suggest that you try first the sisig.  And by the way, come there earlier than 12nn because it’s jam packed by those time (as other eateries too).


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