Netiquette Please

Teenagers nowadays should use the internet APPROPRIATELY.  I do not mean it as something KSP-ish, but just a reminder that it’s not a place to throw all the BS experience you’e been through for the day or so.

Let’s face it: we use the internet for a fact that it’s free and no one will ever recognize us.  And what happens after the world knows your post/s have caught everyone’s attention: Well, your account’s been hacked. HACKED. What a simple getaway just to get through that.

To start off, I also used the internet (and I think I’ll forever have a commitment with it) back in highschool. At that time, there’s a rule called NETIQUETTE. And everyone in the online world should at least be familiar with it.

But seeing the comparison now, I just feel bad for kids who does not know how to use internet WISELY, APPROPRIATELY and RESPONSIBLY.



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