It’s Better To Stay This Way

Here’s a confession: I’ve been clinging to a bittersweet memory for almost 2 years now.  Two years of away-bati, okay ngayon hindi bukas stage. And probably the love-hate relationship I’ve encountered to date.

For those two years, I can’t deny the fact that person is dear to me. I mean I couldn’t care less if they have something to say behind my back. Those two years I turned deaf and was blinded with so called rage of emotions. I didn’t listened to people who cared more than it did; cared about some thing that bounds; and probably that so-called time together.  Soon after, eto lang: W-T-H?!

Now, I feel more sober than ever. I bounced back, listened to people who cared about me, make new friends, develop skills I never got to chance to prove, enjoy, drink, party harder,  laugh my butt out and Thank HIM.  My experience for that two years I must say is the most well-thought life lesson I have this year.  Siguro nga, I’ll be reaching the prime of my life, but I guess there’ll be more than just that experience di ba?


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