The Ever Sensitive Relationship Question

A lot of times, I’m always getting bombarded by the question: Bakit wala ka pang boyfriend?

Again, bakit wala ka pang boyfriend?

First of all, who cares if I don’t have? Do I really have to be that articulate to answer it? Thanks for faking your concerns. But in all honesty,  I don’t find the question quite disturbing enough to question my relationship status as a person.  Second, why this question? Madame pa namang pwedeng itanong di ba? It’s like, ‘so what?!’.

Third, do these people have to really emphasize on having an SO? Dyusme naman, may buhay pa kong aayusin. And I believe it happens at the right time with the right person. So for those who keep bugging me on this issue: For one, please lang. Let’s respect one’s view on relationship; or better yet, stop commenting on it.


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