Tomorrow is the day we all waiting for. After several months of smear campaigns, courting voters and infomercials, we will now all cast our votes from National down to Local level.

Just this morning, I was able to sneak in to a voting place (my precinct actually). It’s my first time and I’m proud to say that I do have some pictures with me.

To remind you:

1. Do not overvote
2. Provide a kodigo (a list of your candidates). This will help you from spending long hours of shading your candidate.
3. Remember the Sexbomb’s advocacy song, i-shade ang bilog na hugis itlog? Just bear in mind the song and you don’t have to worry.

Cast your votes tomorrow. Vote your candidate based on his qualifications and executive or local accomplishments as well.

Let’s pray for a peaceful May 10, ’10 elections.

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