Going random again part 1

Hi bloggy! 😛

It’s almost a month since I haven’t had posted any entries for the ultramega lame reason – I don’t have time to update and I dunno how to start the update *drumroll*

First stop, I’m too lazy to lambast colleagues here. Instead, just focus all the negative vibes into positive energy *Positivism here I come!*

Second, a major layout is also coming out. Maybe a month or so to do this ‘major’ lift to make it new and not the so usual template.

Third, instead of the random mode entries, I’ll try to have a more meaningful entry. Speaking of which, a couple of weeks left, election is coming to an end. The big day (whatever you call it) or the Judgement day.

Who’s your bet? Personally, I’ve been picking between Noynoy Aquino and Gilbert Teodoro. for some reasons, both have their different approach to issues that have been bugging the country ever since.

Noynoy Aquino (just an OPINION) I think is more an idealist. Let’s face it, we want a leader with clean and decent family background. But having said that, what he needs is more legislative experience and focus on the more feasible solutions.

Gilbert Teodoro, on the other hand, is a former DND secretary, a private lawyer and chairman of the NDCC (National Disaster Coordinating Council). Based from his public profile, I think between my bet candidates, Gibo stands out. Why? because he has the most impressive answers (not to mention he’s good-looking. haha! :D)

I’ll have more of this later.

Have a nice day 🙂

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