How to avoid copied articles (For my mem’ry sake)

Recently, I thought I’ll be leaving my job, but it turns out it doesn’t *sighs* (due to a number of copied articles over the web).

For my mem’ry sake, here are the simple ways to avoid copied articles (plus the legal mens):

1. For citing sources and what not, use direct or indirect quotation (from the sources, of course!) – Better to be safe than never.

2. Never ever copy the article itself – ‘coz little that you know, there are some ‘recycled’ articles the same as your ‘own’.

3. Lastly, do some editing stuff, you know.

As much as possible, I’m safeguarding all the editing articles by using some software and check the percentage level; and by that, in a simple way, I can distinguish the orig. work from a copied e-article.

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