Be prepared or else

Finally, my last days as probationary employee ends. Yey!
I’m soo excited but it makes me nervous at the same time.

A lot of stuff went rough (hopefully, I won’t regret anything later). Two weeks ago, I was completely pissed off to someone because of his ‘unpredictable’ attitude towards me. I know it happens all the time, but can that old man give me a chance to prove that I am worth the stay, he’s not even worth the time for anyway.

I always try to be at my 200% or more, but it seems my system grew tired of ‘pleasing’ everyone that I am worth it. Because of my so-called ‘frustrations’, it led me even to stress out days and even panic modes everytime he wanted me to do my basic responsibilities.

I’m just hoping that someday, I can prove to others that I am worth staying for, just give me the chance

Log out mode,



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