American Idol Season 8

American Idol Season 8: Michael Castro, Casey Carlson and St. Louis Recap

This past Wednesday the American Idol Season 8 gang made a stop in St. Louis Missouri, and while the audition did not produce a “Musical Cat Fight” like the one between new judge Kara Dioguardi, and
American Idol Season 8: Michael Castro, Casey Carlson and St. Louis Recap
Pink Bikini girl in Phoenix, it still had its moments of amusement and entertainment. Among the better (or at least more colorful) auditions were:

Michael Castro:

Michael Castro, the 20-year-old brother of last year’s fourth place finisher Jason Castro did surprisingly well. Castro, whose pink Mohawk haircut is a sharp contrast to his brother’s dreadlocks, went before the judges and revealed that he had only taken up singing 20 days ago; words that made Simon Cowell cringe. Still, it turns out that the kid can sing, though he still interviews as badly as his brother. Of course even Simon Cowell could see that having a second Castro on American Idol helps create an instant story line for the show. The two female judges, where a tab bit more impressed (what male contestant doesn’t make Paula swan ???), with Kara calling the younger Castro “ballsy.” So off to Hollywood went Jason’s baby brother.

Casey Carlson:

Also impressing the judges was 20-year-old Casey Carlson. Carlson will give Pink Bikini girl a run for the money this year, though she seemed to lack a sense of fashion during her audition. Still, she has a good voice, and is young and attractive, prompting Kara to say she had the “whole package.” Carlson received a thumbs-up from all four judges.

Ashley Anderson:

Ashley Anderson came with a game plan, auditioning with a song Simon Cowell co-wrote. The fact that she also sings well got her a green light from all the judges, and a ticket to Hollywood.

Asa Barnes (a band director), tried his luck with a Michael Jackson song, which is usually a no-no. But Barnes did it well enough to win over the judges. Then there was Danny Gokey, who despite losing his wife to a medical condition recently, was able to keep his emotions in check long enough to put
American Idol Season 8: Michael Castro, Casey Carlson and St. Louis Recap
in a great rendition of “I heard it through the Grape Vine.” A gusty performance that is sure to pull a few heartstrings across the nation. Gokey may be a sentimental favorite this year.

There were also plenty of wack jobs, and odd acts that got their hare of air time to help balance out the show. Among them were classically trained opera singer Brian Hettler ,”Banana Man” Vaughn English, and Andrew Lang. Lang came with his own cheerleaders, Hettler could not sing, and Banana Man’s costume said it all.

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