Ateneo o La Salle?

Last Thursday was the Game 2 of the much-awaited game of UAAP season 71. The two rival schools with one goal- to be the UAAP season 71 champ.

Honestly, I’m not considering myself a “true basketball fan” for that matter, except of course to UAAP. I don’t know how did the “rivalry” issue started. Is it because they’re one of the top 4 schools or just the media frenzied the whole thing? I used to watch UAAP years back. The whole thing was the worst (just imagine that even the audiences are brawling when their team was losing or something). It’s really really a tensed game.

I guess every player gave their 100% or beyond that to came up with a good game.

Kudos to Chris Tiu and JV Casio! haha! They gave a very very intensified game! whoohoo!

My conclusion: Whoever won the game 2 or so, I’ll always be a UAAP fan. School teams doesn’t matter anyway!

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