Things will never (hope not) be the same…

One of friends, Issa submitted some of the photos that she had on her phone. As I was approving the photos, everything went back when the picture was taken. I’m really sure that….I miss my friends. and also batchmates in PST and DEV DIET.

– Was taken last March…It’s Issa’s bday! hahaha….

– Mela me and Issa. While waiting for the program proper. We just love taking pictures (undeniably)

I really need a lot of catching up to do. Last weekend, it was toycon. Gawd! I miss going out with my best friend and making super pictures and super comments to the cosplayer.. So there…

No matter how I kept on reminiscing, opportunity might come again. But for now, what’s more important is I keep on tracking and someday, be on that limelight.


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