One Month to go…and I’m out!

Well, today’s the time for reflecting for the past events that intrigued me for being a senior Journalism student. Everything seemed to be a flashback (From 1st semester-present) and here are the happenings last June up to March…

June (first semester) – Waw. Everyone’s excited about our subject and teachers. Grabe. ang saya namin! (referring to j4a) especially during the last weeks of this month. We went to Jaime V. Ongpin for Excellence in Journalism Awards that happened in Asian Institute of Management. Sumptous foods, picture opportunity with Ms. Cheche Lazaro and met some journalists. This is the start of our stressful days with Undergraduate Research…

July, August – Our battle with stress continues. Syempre, we had personal clashes with classmates. Anjan din ang days na we had to submit a number of requirements and so forth…

September – eto na ang verdict month. We had to defend our thesis and my unforgetable quote, “You’re technically poor!! *ilang ulit pa yan!* I failed to had my visuals in support to my defense. In the end, I was able to answer all the panelists questions.

November – First OJT and my first OJT station: Philippine Star. Unforgetable moment: One-on-one talk with Mr. Ricky Velasco when he told me something about Media industry. and another advise: LEARN TO LOVE- basically, my work. In the future.

December- March : dameng nangyari that I can’t even remember.


Now that, a month to go and I’m outside school na, I will really really cherish my college days with ABMCJ4A – I WILL MISS MY FRIENDS namely – JHEN TRIA, JONA PARINAS, DAISY PEREZ, MELISSA MILAN, CARMELA SANTOS, MAGIE DEL CASTILLO, YTTEL ANNE ROBLES and also to my teachers – MRS. ALMENDAREZ, DR. CUEVAS, MR. CORTADO and nga pala sa mga naging trainers ko: MS. RHODINA VILLANUEVA, and DR. MADELINE QUIAMCO! and lastly, sa CLASS OFFICERS ng JOURN4A- PAM, JACK, BILLY, DAWA and to all JOURN4A classmates – EUGENE, NELY, GOLDWYNNE, MER, JAYSON, ALEX and sa iba ko hindi nabanggit…tnx! GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!

to all those I have blurted out my emotions: pls do understand me. and for that, I would like to apologize to you. We may be parted ways, but for me, you will still remain my bestfriend.. kahit di na kaibigan ang turing mo sa kin.

to Mr…Someone: Pls lang! Introduce yourself. joke lang. sayang ang opportunity last time, I wasn’t able to know you but I HOPE IN GOD’S TIME, I WILL KNOW YOU! PLS TELL ME YOUR NAME. I’VE BEEN PRAYING FOR THAT FROM THE VERY START… hehehe….monologue…



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