The unforgettable lessons of thesis writing…

yesterday is the last day….*hindi pa pala*

here are the random answers for my most unforgettable lessons in thesis writing…

1. Meet and Greet media personalities…

*Note: Most Unforgettable Media Personalities Encountered: Alex Santos and Che Che Lazaro, Broadcaster from ABS-CBN and also, Mr. Luis Teodoro of Center for Media Freedom and Responsiblity, Alecks Pabico of PCIJ, Abraham Ulandres, founder of Pinoy Bloggers and Yugatech and Mr. Cesar Barrioquinto, Associate Editor of Manila Standard Today….

*Well, it’s just sooo overwhelming to meet this media people since my course is related to media..

2. Patience is a Virtue – Through ups and downs of the study, talagang meron niyan…It’s just a matter of right attitude on how you handle pressures…

*Note: I will always remember the pressures of every chapter, becuase of the pressure and patience, may naka-away pa ko, though.

*Unforgettable Experience: Encoding ALL the chapters..After all, lahat naman ended well..

3. Remember to Give Credits – I would like to grab this opportunity to thank everyone especially the following people:

* Mela, Magie, Hannah, Issa, Daisy, Kim, Pam, Billy, Jack, Eugene, Wyn, Jung, Jelly, Jason, Yttel, Mrs. Alicia Almendarez…And the rest of my classmates *naks!*

*Ate Ayn, Kuya Rhan, Vane, Dan, Kuya Ed, Jov, Raph, Sierra, Raisz, Rach and the rest of my high school friends! Kaya Natin ‘to!

*My sources of information…*for making my study possible..* *hanky please!*

That’s All..

Ganbatte! Kaya natin ‘to!

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